Lydiard Park under threat from developer

21 August 2016

Lydiard Heritage Action Group Formed

In the light of the ongoing threats to Lydiard Park from developers, the Lydiard Heritage Action Group (LHAG) has been formed. Chaired by Kevin Fisher (also Chair of the Shaw Residents’ Association), it includes representatives of the Friends of Lydiard Park, the Lydiard Park Heritage Trust, Lydiard Millicent, Wiltshire and Swindon residents.

The organisation has produced a leaflet as part of its campaign to ensure the application by Taylor Wimpey to build a housing estate within the essential setting of Lydiard Park and in full view of St Mary’s Church, is rejected.

Reasons to Object to the Taylor Wimpey horsesapplication

  1. Lydiard Park is a significant asset. This development would occur within ‘the essential setting’ of the Park and will destroy the historic, rural environment
  2. Lydiard Park is a special place. It is not just another green space under threat – it is our Heritage, a ‘country park’ not an ‘urban park.’ We must fight hard to keep it that way
  3. The application is outside the Local Plans for both Swindon and Wiltshire Councils; plans that have been agreed by the people
  4. The Local Plans cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of pounds to compile and state that no further houses should be built to the west of Swindon
  5. This is a ‘Trojan Horse’ application. If approved, many more fields around Lydiard Park and all the open space between West Swindon and Lydiard Millicent will fall to developers

The full background to this story is available on this website from the Taylor Wimpey – Lydiard Park tab.

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Wiltshire’s website states the consultation expiry date is 26th September.

How to Object to the Taylor Wimpey application

  1. Online (recommended): Click here and enter your objection
  2. Email to:, ensure your email includes the reference ‘16/06978/FUL’ and your name and address
  3. By post to: Mathew Pearson, Wiltshire Council, Monkton Park, Chippenham, SN15 1ER. Ensure you’re letter includes the reference ‘16/06978/FUL’ and your name and address

Other Ways to Help

  • Click here and sign the online petition
  • Email / phone / talk to everyone you know asking them to send in an objection
  • Post and share via Facebook and Twitter
  • Please give or email the leaflet to as many people as you can

Click here for access to the full set of plans on the Wiltshire Council website


 proposed housing estate

 Other News

Swinley Drive – Ridgeway Farm junction

5 September 2016

There is some confusion about the road layout plans at the top of Swinley Drive. We have been told bswinley-signswinley-sign2y Wiltshire Highways that the current changes are temporary and that some time in the future the road between Swinley Drive roundabout and Sparcells Roundabout will close.

However, is the new junction madness, good planning or something else?  When Taylor Wimpey won outline planning permission at the public Inquiry, the design included the closure of the road between the roundabout at the top of Swinley Drive and Sparcells / Mead Way. Instead all traffic will have to go through the new housing estate. There are strong arguments in support of keeping that road open or closing it – that is not the point right now.

Surely an ‘interim’ junction would simply have added one more exit from the existing three exit roundabout – instead the ‘interim’ design is much more complex, expensive, some say dangerous and potentially permanent. On the latter point, Taylor Wimpey have refused all requests from the SRA for road changes / improvements to Ridgeway Farm telling us that they MUST build per the design won at appeal.

Click here for the interim junction layout

Click here to go to the Wiltshire Council website where all relevant documents can be found

Green Belt under siege – CPRE report

8 May 2016

The Campaign to Protect Rural England says “Last year’s report showed that 220,000 houses were planned for the Green Belt across England. This new report shows that this number has now reached 275,000. Government claims that it is committed to protecting the Green Belt are not being backed up in practice, and our report sends a clear message that greater protection for the Green Belt is needed”

click here for their full report

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5 November

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