Small development proposals in West Swindon

22 March 2017

Sparcells: The site of the old community hut and car park is being looked at by SBC for about five houses.

Shaw: The green off Pilgrim Close behind Tesco (between George Tweed Gardens and the Ridge Green Medical Practice) is being assessed by SBC for 12-14 assisted living bungalows.

Why the Essential Setting of Lydiard Park must be protected from all developments

13 March 2017

Kevin Fisher, chair of the SRA writes “we have a responsibility to maintain the Heritage of Lydiard Park, which includes its rural character, for many generations to come. To do that, the rules for development within the Essential Setting need to be clear: all must be refused”.

To read the full story and background to this opinion either:

  1. click here to be taken to the Link Magazine website where the report has been published in full
  2. click here to download the report as a pdf file

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Lydiard Park Heritage Trust named as recommended preferred bidder

7 March 2017

Excellent news!! The LPHT has been recommended by the bid assessment team to be the community group to take on the management of Lydiard Park. Full details can be found on their website (which also provides links to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Swindon Advertiser story here and The Swindonian here and the Link magazine here.

Brook Cottage, Lydiard Park application invalidated

16 February 2017

The SRA chair (Kevin Fisher) sent an email to the SBC development manager on 14th February asking the following:

How has this application been publicised?

  1. Which lampposts have had an application posted and when were they put up?
  2. How many neighbours have been consulted?
  3. Which statutory bodies have been consulted (Historic England? The Gardens Trust?)
  4. Have any adverts been put in local media?
  5. Any other information you can provide to show that this application has received the right publicity would be most welcome.

In the light of a negative response to my requests above, may I ask for the deadline for comments to be extended by one month please?

A reply was received from Andy Brown of SBC on 16 February. It reads:

Dear Kevin, thanks for your email.

I am writing to advise you that after sending out the initial neighbour consultations we have concluded that additional information should have been submitted with the application and as a result we have invalidated the application.

What that means is that once we are satisfied that we have all the information to proceed, we will recommence the consultation process again, as if from scratch.

The public notices had not yet been published in the newspaper (it would have been this Friday) nor have the associated site notices posted. This will take place once the application is considered valid, along with any other consultations and re consultations.

You may have noticed that the application can no longer be viewed online and this is because it is no longer a current submission.

I hope this explains the position and I can advise that we can’t action anything further on this proposal until the application becomes live again.

New application to build within the Essential Setting of Lydiard Park

15 February 2017

The owner of Brook Cottage (the property on the left as you enter Lydiard from Hay Lane) has put in an application to build four HUGE executive houses. The application can be found by clicking here. Please register your objection when you do.

As with the (withdrawn) Taylor Wimpey application, which saw an unprecedented number of objections from individuals, statutory bodies and experts, this one is yet again within the ‘essential setting’ of Lydiard Park and sits right against the Historic England boundary.

Whilst Taylor Wimpey wanted 48 houses and this is four, the reasons to object are very similar. Lydiard Park is a significant community asset. This application, for what can only be described as huge houses, will harm the historic, rural environment and will be visible from the Dam Wall within the Park and Church Drive. Furthermore, should future owners of the homes choose to remove the hedgerow in order to improve their personal view, it will be visible from many other vantage points around St Mary’s Church and Coach House.

Lydiard Park is a special place. It is our Heritage. Developers are attacking it from so many directions in pursuit of financial gain at the expense of the social value provided by well preserved heritage sites. Should this application be allowed, it will set a precedent for other speculative opportunists. I am sure Taylor Wimpey are watching this very closely and waiting to pounce.

Taylor Wimpey to meet with Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council

31 January 2017

As expected, Taylor Wimpey may have withdrawn their application to build within the essential setting of Lydiard Park and in full view of St Mary’s church, but they certainly have not gone away. In this document, it has been noted that Lydiard Tregoze Parish Council have been contacted by Taylor Wimpey with a request for a meeting. As the organisation that stood alone in their support for Taylor Wimpey, it is not a surprise that the developer has asked for a meeting.

Given that LTPC rarely takes minutes of any meetings (as was proved by the Freedom of Information requests made by the Lydiard Heritage Action Group), there is much concern about what will be discussed in the proposed meeting and what commitments LTPC will be making. As a public body, such information should be in the public domain.

LTPC recently made an application for a ‘Designation of Lydiard Tregoze Neighbourhood Area’ – On the 14th December, the action group wrote to LTPC offering to assist in the development of their neighbourhood plan, but were refused with the words “it was agreed that the Parish Council stays independent and requires no support from your group”.

With over 600 people writing to object and every relevant statutory body also objecting, we hope that LTPC do understand that any development in this area will continue to meet with massive opposition. Should they seek to include an allocation, for the development, in their Neighbourhood Plan, it will likely ensure the plan is never actually approved (which can only benefit the developer).

Mannington roundabout improvements consultation

22 January 2017

As part of a larger project to improve the bus corridor between Wichelstowe and the town centre, improvements to Mannington roundabout are being proposed. This SBC website provides a description of the existing problem at Mannington and two options to fix it. It also provides the dates for consultations.

Purton Parish Council approve draft Neighbourhood Plan

19 January 2017

The plan is now available for public consultation. There are two planned events, 25th January 5-8pm and 5th February  2.30-5.30pm. Full details including the plan itself are available on the Purton Parish Council website

BT phone box removal recommendations

18 January 2017

Ward councillors have commented on each of the proposed removals of up to 44 BT call boxes. Click here to view the recommendations. 

Council fails (again) to get funding for Thamesdown Drive Extension

7 January 2017

Swindon Borough Council have again failed to get funding to enable the design of the road extension from Thamesdown Drive through to Great Western Way. This article calls it an ‘initial’ bid and yet, the project has been ongoing for decades. Indeed SBC met Chancellor Osborne back in July 2013 in a failed attempt to get funding.

Members of the SRA worked hard to ensure the ‘business plan’ submitted for this latest futile attempt was as good as it could be. Sadly, we reported in December 2015 that we were unable to support the report or the process in which it was compiled. Our Thamesdown Drive page gives the reasons for this (and likely explains why the bid was unsuccessful) along with much of the history of this decades old saga.

Lydiard Heritage Action Group Continues its work

2 December 2016

The LHAG of course is very pleased that Taylor Wimpey’s has made a strategic withdrawal of their application to build in full sight of St Mary’s Church and within the essential setting of Lydiard Park. However, we recognise that whilst this is a win for this important Heritage asset, it is not yet a victory. We will continue as an organisation for as long as necessary. More news from LHAG soon.

Taylor Wimpey Withdraw their application

16 November 2016

Their spokesperson said “We have decided to withdraw our planning application at Lydiard Tregoze in order to undertake further work on our proposals in response to local comments received. We will ensure the local community is kept informed about future plans via the project website”

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