Application to build 81 houses north of Purton Road

The application can be viewed on Wiltshire planning portal by clicking here

SRA objection sent – click here to read it

Yet more houses on land between West and North Swindon. The developers are back with a proposal to Wiltshire Council for 81 dwellings opposite the recently built Moulden View development – to the north of Purton Road in the dip past the railway line.

And again, because the site is in Wiltshire, the developers play on its location within Purton Parish area and downplay the fact that this in effect an extension of Swindon with all the consequent pressures it will bring, not least the impact on traffic flows within West and North Swindon.

The SRA believes this application must be resisted for the following reasons:

  1. It is not part of Swindon or Wiltshire Local plans, and it is not part of Purton’s neighbourhood plan
  2. We believe the junction onto Purton road will add dangers to motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
  3. The additional traffic entering and leaving the site would create even more rush-hour chaos
  4. If built, it would destroy forever the possibility of a railway station from West Swindon into the town centre
  5. The field floods
  6. The current public footpath that runs along the north of Purton road will be disrupted