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If you would like to contact the SRA please either come to one of our meetings or email us:

Some publications may contain a Virgin Media email address for the SRA. We reported a problem with it to Virgin Media in March 2014. After five months of effort on our part, they proved incapable of giving it a high enough priority to enable a fixed. As a result, we had no choice but to change our email address to the one above. Emails sent via the old Virgin Media address will automatically forward to the outlook address.

SRA Officers

Chair:  Vice Chair:   Secretaries:Treasurer:   Kevin Fisher Andrew SnowdenClaire Walker & Alistair Haney   Fran Williams


Kevin Fisher:         If you have any feedback on the web, please email us


Shaw Residents’ Association (SRA) was established to provide a forum for the residents of the Shaw Electoral Ward* to work with statutory authorities, voluntary organizations, businesses etc. to protect and improve the environment and facilities for residents.


This has involved members working and many issues, such as: ensuring the Post Office in Shaw Village remains open, working with Swindon Borough Council for the provision of a community hall in Shaw Village, campaigning for safe routes to school, lobbying to save Shaw Forest from development, assisting in charitable events such as the West Swindon Open gardens, running regular litter picks, fighting hard to stop the Ridgeway farm development from taking place (now constructively working with the developer, community and council officials to minimise its impact on existing residents) and lobbying SBC to get the trunk road from Thamesdown Drive to B&Q funded.


The SRA is a voluntary organisation. Membership is open to anyone. Membership of the SRA requires compliance with its constitution and standing orders. Copies of which can be found here:


Standing Orders


We use many techniques to create awareness of our work within the community, for example: we email newsletters to several hundred addresses (see bottom of page), the Link magazine and other local media often run stories or quotes from the SRA and we make posters available wherever possible


Political Independence of the SRA Web Site

July 2013

There SRA have been made aware of some concerns as to the political independence of this website. Click here to view a report that provides some history about the ownership and editing authority of this site.